OTB betting odds depend on the horse reputation

Those who are involved in gambling their money in various competitions including horse racing are careful not to bet in an indiscriminate way. Gambling in horses does not entirely depend on luck. It is important to be calculating so as to establish the OTB betting odds before betting on a certain horse. It is not in order to trust your cash on luck alone when you have other factors that you put into consideration. Consulting the horse race betting odds is important.

The individuals who are experienced in OTB place their money depending on chances that are shown by betting odds of the horse racing. There are several factors that are known to affect the betting odds. The factors are:

1) Reputation

The betting odds depend on the reputation of the horses and jockeys. If you observe keenly, this is what the betting odds for horse racing are based on before aspects touch on it. The reputation of a jockey or a horse can alone be used to set the betting odds. Reputation alone gives people the first impulse which makes them to decide if they will bet or not bet. The reputation that the horse or a rider has results from the performance after participating in many races.

A competitor with reputation gets excellent odds of being successful in a race. The reputation affects the odds as it is formed by a combination of the previous performance and people believe that it will perform the same way during the upcoming race. On the other hand, a horse that is not known cannot easily set race odds.

2) Condition

Before a race takes place, many of the experienced gamblers study complains that have been made by rivals. This helps in determining the betting odds of a horse on the day that the race is taking place. The condition is based on the different features that a horse has before it participates in the race. It can also include the condition of a rider.

The fitness level of a horse is usually used to predict how a horse is likely to perform in a competition. Apart from the physical aspects, emotional condition that determines its fighting spirit also determines how far a horse is likely to go so as to make a remarkable achievement.

3) House

This is when the odds are adjusted depending on the bets the track or “house” has placed on the competing horses. Many people base the bets on the track’s decision. Those bet on an underdog earn more if it wins.